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Special Events

Activities of HKTS 25th and HKLF 15th Anniversary

The Design of the two new designated logos set the stage for the various activities in celebration of the anniversaries.

COPD and Spirometry were chosen as the themes in public activities. The aim was to improve public awareness on the importance of COPD and application of Spirometry.
The following designated slogans were designed for the activities

A series of Spirometry Campaign was held in collaboration with the St James’ Settlement, the Hong Kong Society of Rehabilitation and the Federation of the Medical Societies in Hong Kong at various convenient location in the community.

Special events for celebration of 25th anniversary of HKTS and 15th anniversary of HKLF
Organizing Committee: Dr. CY Tam (co-chair), Dr. Maureen Wong (co-chair), Dr. Thomas Mok [HKLF], Dr. James Ho [HKTS], Dr. Johnny Chan [ACCP], Dr. Loletta So (publicity), Dr. Fanny Ko (publicity), Dr. Arthur CW Lau (IT)
1. Spirometry campaign 香港胸肺學會 25 週年 / 香港胸肺基金會 15 週年 肺功能測試日 (August-October 2011)
Working group:
i. Dr. PY Tse (leader)
ii. Dr. YC Yeung
iii. Dr. Miranda Yung
iv. Dr. YL Kwok

2. Health exhibition and press conference on COPD (12 Nov)
Working group:
i. Dr. HY Lo (leader)
ii. Dr. CK Ng
iii. Dr. CF Wong
iv. Dr. Henry Kwok

3. ARS 2011 (13 Nov)

4. World COPD Day (16 Nov)

5. Anniversary Dinner
Working group: Dr. Joe Pang (leader), Dr. Alice Ho
Venue: Hong Kong Club

A series of Interview with Office Bearers of the HKTS, HKLF and ACCP(HK and Macau Chapter) focusing on COPD and Spirometry was held successively in 2011
1. Commercial Radio 1 留得青春在 Interview with Dr Thomas Mok on 3rd June 2011
2. Featured interview of Dr Henry Kwok at Ming Pao on 27th June 2011
3. Featured interview of Dr Maureen Wong at HK Commercial Daily on 11th July 2011
4. TVB 開心老友記日專訪莫恩榮醫生 - 慢阻肺病on 17th July, 2011
5. Featured interview of Dr Wai Cho Yu and Dr Fanny Ko at HK Daily News on 18th July 2011
6. RTHK 5 香江暖流: 健康是福: 主題 --- 長者哮喘 interview with Dr Fanny Ko on 22nd, July, 2011
7. Featured interview of Dr James Ho at Sing Pao on 27th July 2011
8. TVB 開心老友記日專訪莫恩榮醫生 - 慢阻肺病on 31st, July, 2011
9. TVB 東張西望 Interivew with Dr James Ho on 17th Aug, 2011