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2012 Feb-18 Pneumonia associated with a dental unit waterline

Maria Luisa Ricci, Stefano Fontana , Federica Pinci , Emanuela Fiumana , Maria Federica Pedna , Paolo Farolfi, Maria Antonietta Bucci Sabattini , Maria Scaturro The Lancet, Volume 379, Issue 9816, Page 684, 18 February 2012 doi:10.1016/S0140-6736(12)60074-9

In February, 2011, an 82-year-old woman was admitted to the intensive care unit with fever and respiratory distress. She was conscious and responsive.

Chest radiography showed several areas of lung consolidation. She had no underlying disease. Legionnaires' disease was promptly diagnosed by Legionella pneumophila urinary antigen test; a bronchial aspirate was taken for microbiological examination. Oral ciprofloxacin (750 mg every 12 h) was started immediately. Nevertheless, the patient developed .......

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